Elise, Quincy, MA

“The first time we hired Home Care Partners, my mother had fallen on a weekend and broke her wrist. My mother had Parkinson’s for over 20 years and was constantly falling. Therefore, she was unable to walk with the aid of her walker because of her broken wrist. We had called other agencies, even one we had hired before, but they insisted that paperwork be completed before placement, and the paperwork was only accessible Monday through Friday. Unfortunately, my mother did not take this into consideration when she fell! Once I contacted Home Care Partners, within less than 4 hours, John was able to secure 24/7 assistance for my mother with his competent staff.”

“This summer, my mother was in a rehabilitation center. Her biggest wish was to return home. She was having issues being disruptive because of her dementia and sun downing. After many different avenues, the doctor had started a medication that after 3 weeks gave me back the mother that I knew. But she still had sun downing issues in the evenings. I asked John to come evaluate her to see if his staff could take care of her if she went home. I asked him to come at her worst time of day, after 4:00pm. John without hesitation agreed. He assessed her condition and felt they could help us.”

“My mother was elated. Her biggest wish was coming true! She was as excited as a child on their birthday on the ride home that day. We were met by John and a very competent aide, Fatima. Fatima had the patience of a saint. After the first day being home, my mother returned to her confused state of mind. I was told that this was because of the change of environment, and to give her time to adjust. Unfortunately, my mother passed away within 5 days of returning home. Fatima found her unresponsive one morning when she went to wake her for her morning medications.”

“What can I say about an agency that was able to help me make my mother’s wish come true? She was able to go home! John and his staff are angels. What I liked about this agency was that whenever a new caregiver was to take a shift, John was there to ensure a smooth transition. The other agencies we had used in the past did not take as much involvement as Home Care Partners, especially the directors. We never saw them once in any previous placement. John was very visible and accessible. His staff is so caring. Fatima reached out to our family after she had left our employment. Checking in to see how we were, and ensuring us that my mother was very happy to be home and had passed away peacefully, in her own bed. We all agree this is a caring and involved agency. I would not hesitate to hire them again in the future and would highly recommend them to others.”

Lisa B., Scituate, MA

“John was very visible and accessible. His staff is so caring. I would not hesitate to hire them again in the future and would highly recommend them to others.”

Deb C., Plymouth, MA

“As a personal trainer and fitness councilor for the past 20 years, I have had the pleasure of working with a diversified clientele. My specialty and favorite, however, is working with seniors. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on how to work with seniors until my Father started to decline and did not want my help. A friend suggested I give John Miller a call at Home Care Partners. I liked him from the start and we made arrangements to meet with my Dad and “chat”. My Dad was stubborn and set in his ways, and was not thrilled to “have a stranger” in his home “telling him what to do”. John made Dad feel relaxed and also made my Father feel in control of his own environment. Dad was assigned a care giver named Kathy – she was wonderful! She was gentle, not pushy, and it was a short time later she had won him over. Dad would often comment on how nice she was. The services provided by Home Care Partners were outstanding – including the communication with the family members explaining day-to-day activities or concerns.

Home Care Partners, John, Kathy and the rest of his staff showed outstanding professionalism on all accounts. And I have recommended them to my clientele as well.”