Women and Heart Disease

Heart disease is under-diagnosed, and under-treated. It is estimated that 6 million women develop coronary heart disease on an annual basis.

And, the symptoms of a heart attack are different between men and women. Females should work to be educated and informed as to their unique risk factors, causes, and most common treatments.

Please review the following:

— Heart Attack – Causes: Blockages in the main arteries, which flow into the heart muscle, cause heart attacks in both men and women. When blood flow to the heart is decreased for any reason, a heart attack can occur. But there are differences in how these blockages may form. Women can have less severe blockages, which still produce damage to the heart’s coronary artery blood vessels, causing decreased blood flow to the heart.

— Treatment: Blood vessels are smaller in women, which impacts blood flow (both during and after a heart attack). According to research, women also tend to be older, and have other health issues (such as high blood pressure) which complicate treatment. Beneficial treatment options include cardiac rehabilitation, physician prescribed exercise, and specifically recommended medications.

–Risk factors: High blood pressure is more strongly associated with heart attacks in women. And, women with diabetes have a four to five times higher risk of heart disease than diabetic men.

Please plan to have a conversation with your doctor about your health, and become educated on heart attack prevention.

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