Treatments for Colorectal Cancer

How do doctors treat an elder for colorectal cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society, when colorectal cancer is caught early, a person has a five-year survival rate of more than 90 percent. Treatment options for colon cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, certain specific medications, or a combination of treatments. For example, there can be treatments to kill the identified cancer cells, and treatments to prevent growth of future cells.

The earlier colon cancer is diagnosed or caught, the better the chances for a positive outcome. Regular check-ups, and simply being aware of one’s health as one ages, will help to raise awareness among individuals and families.

Experts say the survival rate for colorectal cancer has improved due to advances in modern medicine, treatments, and health awareness. More people are getting screened, and this enables early history diagnosis. Yet embarrassment and fear keep many others from getting that all-important early testing. Even though older adults and seniors are aware of public events to direct attention to breast cancer awareness, there are other cancer killers which are rarely discussed.

Ask your over-fifty relatives if they’ve received the recommended screening for colorectal cancer. Generally, testing every 8-10 years after you’ve reached the age of 50 is a good process to follow. If you’ve been screened, serve as a role model for younger family members by telling them. When you come back to work the next day after your colonoscopy, tell people about your experience. You got tested, and you feel fine! Your experience may energize others to follow-up with their own testing.

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