Seniors Can Prepare to Age at Home

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A few simple changes around the home can make it much easier for older adults to live independently for longer.

— Handrails: Installing a ramp to by-pass climbing stairs, or handrails at the entrance of the home makes the building accessible to wheelchair users. In the bathroom, installing grab bars near the toilet and shower will reduce the likelihood of falls.

— Slipping hazards: Wood and tile surfaces can become wet and slippery. Installing friction strips or mats will help prevent dangerous slips. Also, pick-up walk way hazards and establish clear walking lanes.

— Light switches: Placing light switches at the bottom and top of staircases will make maneuvering between floors much safer. Consider putting lights on timers in order to maintain proper lighting.

— Handles: Rounded handles can be difficult to grip. Replacing door and faucet handles with more comfortable solutions will eliminate this problem.

— Area rugs: An unsecured rug presents a dangerous hazard for slipping. Removing rugs or fixing them to the floor will make the room safer.

Today’s seniors also have access to technologies that can make independent living much easier. For instance, a hearing aid that connects to the doorbell or fire alarm system can wake up elderly parents with hearing loss. Likewise, safety alert buttons can call for help when a senior is unable to reach the telephone.

Many modern consumer products can also make things easier for seniors. For instance, a smart thermostat can regulate the home’s temperature throughout the day without needing input from the user. People nearing retirement age should consider how they can upgrade their homes with accessibility-enhancing technology.

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