Elders and Doctor Visits

We need to encourage our elderly parents to pay attention to their health. If, and more likely “when”, they begin to sense something is not quite “right”, they need to feel ok to discuss with family, friends, and medical professionals. Have they noticed signs of weakness or pain? Issues or difficulties related to movement or breathing? Increased fatigue?

Seniors, when possible, need to advocate for themselves. Many times, elderly feel confused, nervous, or powerless when in a doctor’s office of medical facility. The environment can be intimidating. Plus, deep down, elders may realize there is an unknown health problem, but they do not want to hear “bad” news. Going to the hospital equates to a problem. They would rather not deal with a problem, and stay at home.

Encourage seniors to attend to their appointments with confidence, and to honestly discuss concerns with their physician. Remind seniors to:

• Bring glasses or any kind of hearing aids if necessary to support effective communication

• Prepare to share what has been going on in their lives and to ask questions

• Ask for directions, diagnoses, and notes about the appointment in writing

• Get a second opinion if they are uncomfortable or unsure of something a doctor says

• Take a family member or close friend for support if self-advocacy is challenging for them

JD Miller

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