Elder Exercise: Getting Started

Exercise for seniors can be fun, social, and provide health benefits to body and mind. Getting started, or urging your elderly parents to commit, may be the most difficult hurdle to pass. Each individual will have to make careful choices on how, where, and what kind of exercise routine makes the most sense.

There are several factors to consider – where, when, and what? Start slowly and build. Don’t allow a full workout regimen on day one. Allow your body, and your muscles, to stretch. There will undoubtedly be some minor aches and pains. Let these muscles heal before increasing exercise activity. If something hurts, take a break. Make sure you wear loose fitting clothes, keep yourself hydrated and wear comfortable sneakers. If you experience chest pain or pressure, nausea, persistent sharp pain, excessive shortness of breath, or problems with your balance, check immediately with your doctor.

To stay healthy, active and independent…elders should include activities that enhance strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Most of all, seek out activities you enjoy so you won’t view exercising as a chore. Seniors are more likely to make a commitment to good fitness if they like what they’re doing and, if at all possible, they’re doing it with people they enjoy being with. Try water aerobics? A walking class? Clients with Home Care Partners have enjoyed our care staff participation in games of tennis; working in the garden; taking walks; leg lifts and arm exercises with 5 pound weights. What is your exercise routine?

JD Miller

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