Elder Technology Benefits: See Your Phone!

As submitted by guest blogger, Katybeth Dee, from SelfExam.org…Part Two:

Getting Smarter About Communication

A smartphone has many pros and cons, and senior health and well-being fall on both sides. While tech addiction is a concern, smartphones can boost senior health in many ways.

  • Selecting providers that offer telehealth services so you can video chat with your primary care doctor or mental health professional.
  • Playing critical-thinking and brain games that keep the mind focused, fresh and alert. 
  • Talking with friends and family members daily to help keep senior isolation at bay.
  • Using social media to stay connected with long-distance friends and family (but making sure to unplug and disconnect to protect your mental health).

Monitoring Health Conditions

Technology can help you keep track of concerning mental health conditions that can impact how you feel during the day-to-day. While some devices require a prescription from a doctor, there are many you can purchase to manage your health at home.

  • Digital blood pressure monitor: If you have frequent bouts of high blood pressure, using a digital cuff at home can help you track your treatment.
  • Glucose meters: For seniors managing diabetes, at-home blood sugar monitors that calibrate with your smartphone device can help you prevent serious health conditions.
  • Medical alert devices: Especially helpful for seniors who live alone or are managing health conditions with balance and stability, a medical alert device allows you to call for medical help even if you are unable to use a phone.

Technology can put you in charge of many healthcare needs. Since seniors are at a higher risk for health conditions — both physical and mental — it’s important to explore your options. As a senior, your healthcare is a priority. So, be open and honest with yourself to make the right choices for your overall health and well-being.

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