Health Tips Senior Women, pt 2

An elderly woman’s health plan should remain pretty consistent throughout her lifetime. But there are certain aging related changes to be addressed:

Get your shots. Consult with your doctor as to which shots you need. Most likely, this will include immunizations for tetanus and/or pertussis, two pneumonia vaccinations, and the shingles shot. Getting your annual flu shot is ever more important as you grow older. Find out which vaccines are covered by Medicare or Medigap policies.

Aging and fall risks. Probably best to expect the “unexpected”. You can eat well, get all your screenings, manage your health conditions — and yet, in a second, a fall can change everything. Remove fall hazards from your home. Get regular vision and hearing tests. Call your local Council on Aging for any instructional classes on fall protections.

Have your medications reviewed. Another conversation with your physician. All of us process substances differently as we grow older — both women and men. Have your doctor or pharmacist to evaluate the medications you take, including supplements and hormone replacement products. Keep a written, up-to-date medication list in your home as a reference – for yourself, and others.

Report sleep problems. Women are more prone than men to experience insomnia. And, this is a problem which increases as we age. Do you suffer with sleep apnea and snoring? Are you getting some daily exercise? Poor sleep can harm our health. Seek some help and treatment.

Report symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. Mental health affects our physical health. There may be recommended therapies, lifestyle changes or medications which reduce stress and depression.

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