Changes Due to Aging Come Quickly

Changes in behavior and personality can happen quickly for the elderly. Certainly, change may happen slowly and subtly. And, many times behavioral change is not noteworthy, or rather it is brushed off and excused. We all may be guilty of dismissing “aging” changes as simply unimportant. But in reality, these physical and emotional changes may be due to old age, diminishing cognitive and physical functioning, and the processes of aging.

My own story provides an example. My mother religiously called me every Sunday. Usually before noontime. It was her habit, an ingrained routine to check-in with her children every week via phone. But after many years, this weekly routine began to change. First, it became very inconsistent. Then, it effectively stopped.

I did not really notice the change at first. But soon I realized the need for me to initiate the phone conversation. She had forgotten her routine, lost track of days, and was no longer able to define and carry out her routine schedules.

This was the impetus for me to get started with home care services for my elderly parents. They lived out of state, so the logistics were somewhat more difficult via long distance. But it certainly proved worthwhile. My parents steadfastly refused to move or re-locate…which is totally understandable. All their remaining friends, and memories, were centered on the house they lived in for 60-plus years. Home care services enabled us to keep them safe and comfortable, while maintaining their desire to remain at home.

Having homecare services for my parents was a huge benefit in their later years. And it relieved me of the worry and guilt of caring for them. Getting my mother up out of bed, changing clothing, and preparing breakfast was taken care of. Administering my father’s many medications on a timely basis was accomplished. Driving and attending monthly doctor’s appointments insured consistency and follow-up. Carrying laundry up/down cellar stairs was a chore they now did not need to worry about. Monitoring the house for trip hazards, and installing grab bars provided some assistance as their eyesight and reflexes began to diminish.

Having a trusted home care provider to personally assist my elderly parents was simply invaluable.

JD Miller

John D. Miller is the founder/owner of Home Care Partners, LLC, a Massachusetts business providing private duty, personalized in-home assistance and companion care services to those needing help in daily activities and household functions.

Phone: (781) 378-2164


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