Heart Health for Seniors

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States among seniors. Over 17.3 million deaths each year are caused by heart disease. Our elderly are especially prone to cardiovascular complications.

It is important for families, elderly parents, and caregivers to recognize signs and know the facts. Everyone should be encouraged to learn about, prevent, and address heart problems.

— 42.2 million people over age 60 have a cardiovascular disease

— 51% of cardiovascular procedures were for people over age 65 in 2010

On the basis of gender, here are some statistics to consider:

• 70% of men between 60-79 years old have a heart disease
• Black men are at higher risk of heart problems
• The average age of 1st heart attack is 64.7 years

• Women between 65 and 84 are more likely to have a stroke
• Cardiovascular events tend to occur later in life for women than men
• High blood pressure is more common in women, averaging 80% for those over 75

Many heart conditions can be managed with regular treatment or lifestyle changes. These conditions often present with mild symptoms. Seniors should schedule an appointment with their primary physician or cardiologist if they experience symptoms of heart disease such as:

• Fluttering in the chest
• Fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat
• High or low blood pressure
• Light-headedness
• Ongoing fatigue
• Dizziness, fainting, or near fainting
• Difficulty breathing after exercise
• Lower body swelling

Treatment for heart disease varies according to the specific illness. Some treatments are as simple as dieting. Others may require medication. In general, caring for an individual with heart problems will require lifestyle changes. Caregivers can help seniors protect their hearts by:

• Reducing sources of stress
• Providing a heart-healthy diet
• Encouraging rest and taking physical activity slowly
• Creating low level exercise regimens
• Offering medication reminders
• Watching for signs of change in heart and health

JD Miller

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