What Do Caregivers Do?

I recently read this post, and felt it worthy of repeating. Services and support provided by caregivers is important for our elderly

What, exactly, does a caregiver cover on a daily basis? Well, here are some areas of service — depending on what kind of people, their needs, and in what stage of senior health:

–Assisting with personal care: bathing, toileting, catheter care, colostomy care, clipping fingernails and toenails, shaving, hair care, brushing teeth or cleaning dentures, skin care such as applying lotion or ointment.

–Exercises: daily walks, weights, squats, balancing, stretching the arms, legs and fingers, etc.

–Basic food preparation: preparing meals, hand feeding, tube feeding, shopping.

–House maintaining: dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, disinfecting, carpet shampooing and lawn care.

–General health care: overseeing medication and prescriptions usage, appointment reminders and administering medicine

–Mobility assistance: help with getting in and out of a wheelchair, bed, car or shower with the help of a walker, hoyer lift, slide board, trapeze, draw sheet, or gate belt.

–Personal supervision: providing constant companionship and general supervision

–Transportation: driving to and from activities, running errands, and help getting in and out of wheelchair accessible vehicle or such.

–Emotional support: being a stable companion and supporter in all matters personal, health-related and emotional.

–Care for the elderly: orienting or grounding someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, relaying information from a doctor to family members

–Back-up care (or respite) services: providing other caregivers a break

–Health monitoring: following a care plan and noticing any changes in the individual’s health, recording and reporting any differences in health.

–Sometimes pet care.

Every individual case may be unique, but this list provides an overview of the involvement and personalized care provided to the elderly on a daily basis.

JD Miller

John D. Miller is the founder/owner of Home Care Partners, LLC, a Massachusetts business providing private duty, personalized in-home assistance and companion care services to those needing help in daily activities and household functions.

Phone: (781) 378-2164
Email: jdmiller@homecarepartners.biz
Website: https://homecarepartnersma.com


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