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As a member of the “sandwich generation”, I can attest to the difficulty in caring for elderly parents while simultaneously living life with my atomic family. Not enough time, too much to do. I know there are many others who share in this constant juggling of family safety and priorities.

Yes, it is increasingly difficult for many family members to assist elderly relatives. In some cases, it is a simple fact that shear distance makes it impossible to attend to elderly parents. And, even short distances can be greatly effected by multiple factors, including weather. Bad driving conditions, slippery roads, poor visibility, can prevent family involvement for those who may live relatively nearby.

Take proactive, precautionary and preventive steps to keep family elders safe. Do you have a back-up plan? Do you know of community resources that can provide home assistance when/if needed?

Home Care Partners, and many other local home care agencies can provide an extra set of eyes, hands, and help to insure family elders remain safe and comfortable – especially during this rough period of covid, which requires social distancing and isolation. Call us at (781) 378-2164 to discuss how we can help.

JD Miller

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John D. Miller is the founder/owner of Home Care Partners, LLC, a Massachusetts business providing private duty, personalized in-home assistance and companion care services to those needing help in daily activities and household functions. Phone: (781) 378-2164 Email: [email protected] Website:

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