Caregivers Need to Re-Charge

The stress and work to provide and supervise care for elders, or family members, can be exhausting. Specific, normal tasks such as changing clothes or bathing can seem endless. Completion may be quite difficult, time consuming, and inefficient. Daily tasks may take so long to complete that the “checklist” never gets finished, and the “schedule” becomes seamless and never ending…one task spills into another. Under these conditions, the caregiver never gets a break. Never gets a chance to re-charge.

Caregivers care…that is their focus. But caregivers also need to take care of themselves. Good physical health, and good mental health are required to continue as caregivers.

Here are some tips to stay fit, focused and refreshed:

— Get Your Rest: If you are working too hard, you become exhausted. When you wear yourself out — going non-stop 7 days a week — you risk burnout, fatigue, and illness. At this point, you can’t be of much assistance to anyone! One of the most important things you can do for yourself – and the person you are caring for – is to take care of yourself.

— Eat Right: A quick snack is not enough. You should strive to eat and maintain some semblance of a balanced, healthy diet. Eating properly will help keep you healthy, energized, alert, and feeling strong. Take vitamins if you can’t maintain a consistent schedule, or if you don’t get enough nutrition from your food.

— Communicate Your Needs to Others: Let others know what you need to succeed and flourish. Don’t assume or expect family members to anticipate issues, logistics, problems, or needs. Ask for help. Let people around you know the things that need to be done — and that on occasion assistance is needed and greatly appreciated.

— Stay Hydrated: You’ve heard it before…”drink lots of water“. Your body needs water, and generally people don’t allow themselves enough. Water hydrates your body, which helps maintain your energy.

JD Miller

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