Parkinson’s Disease: Diet Recommendations for Elderly

As with many of the diseases that affect our elderly adults, staying active and pursuing a healthy diet can slow the progression of the disease.

There are both physical and emotional issues that result from a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Loss of physical capabilities and function can reduce and compromise movements. But also, the “frustration of loss” can be significant.

There are resources which can help. For example, finding an occupational therapist who is skilled in the needs of Parkinson’s patients. With this expertise and guidance, instruction on modifying daily activities (like eating and drinking, chores, and management of technology) can help your elderly parents continue to live a productive life.

Over half of elderly will experience a level of depression connected with the diagnosis. Involving a therapist early in the diagnosis can help them handle the emotional challenges.

Your elder can also benefit from a “movement disorder specialist” on their care team. This is a neurologist that specializes in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s. These specialists usually ensure that they are on the cutting edge of new therapies for Parkinson’s.

Please make note of dietary tips for Parkinson’s Disease:

• Drink six glasses of water per day to help medications break down more efficiently.
• Fiber-rich foods will help deter constipation.
• Limit sugar, alcohol, and caffeine in the evening to help eliminate barriers to sleep.
• Ensure adequate vitamin D to help with bone health.
• Include nuts like walnuts and cashews to promote brain health.
• Incorporate berries like blueberries and strawberries for their antioxidant properties.
• Eat foods like salmon, tuna, and dark leafy vegetables, which contain anti-inflammatory properties for our brains.

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