Benefits of Home Care, pt. 1

When families, clients, friends and neighbors ask me about the benefits of home care services for the elderly, I have multiple answers to offer in response:

Reasons Why Home Care Services Provide Value

Home care is the most effective form of health care delivered in terms of customer satisfaction.  Elderly are in their preferred environment (i.e., the comfort of home) with individualized attention from a home care staffer. It all comes down to the fact that people prefer to be at home. And the effectiveness of this interaction is strengthened by the specificity of individualized care and attention that seniors receive while in their own home.

If you could receive physical therapy, nursing attention, or companionship care while remaining in your own home, wouldn’t you prefer it? As compared to driving to the hospital or facility for an appointment or session?

Home care is safer.  Elderly are much more likely to get a sound night’s sleep in their own bed. Recent research has shown evidence that patients in hospitals are at much greater risk of infection than anywhere else. (Interesting and ironic that where people go in attempting to get “better” often results in the opposite.) It is no secret that people pick up infections and other complications when they live amid a chronically ill population (such as in a hospital or long-term care facility). This environmental exposure is greatly minimized case when seniors are cared for at home.

JD Miller

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John D. Miller is the founder/owner of Home Care Partners, LLC, a Massachusetts business providing private duty, personalized in-home assistance and companion care services to those needing help in daily activities and household functions. Phone: (781) 378-2164 Email: [email protected] Website:

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