Memory Loss Can Be Normal Aging

Guest blog post submitted by Rebecca, a student conducting independent research this summer…

Memory loss is often considered an “old person problem”. Unfortunately, that’s far from true. People of any age can experience inconvenient bouts of forgetfulness.

Can’t find the keys? Can’t remember someone’s name even though you’ve met several times? It can happen to anyone and is not a cause for worry.

If you suspect an elderly parent‘s memory is failing, doctors say do not jump right in, throwing possible diagnoses around. That can be very scary to the person who is likely already unnerved by their memory decline. It is better to let a medical professional broach the subject of any possible brain injuries or a type of dementia.

A doctor needs to determine the root cause, then take steps to restore the memory or curb further memory loss. It’s another excellent reason for making and keeping all appointments with your doctor. The sooner you catch a problem, the higher the likelihood of preventing more significant issues down the road.

Some signs a doctor needs to diagnose include getting lost in your own neighborhood, forgetting important appointments, or skipping regular hygiene.

An easy rule of thumb is if you’re living a full and productive life but occasionally find the car keys in the refrigerator rather than on the front table, you’re likely simply distracted, and you need to tap the brakes a little. It can be annoying or frustrating, but it is normal.

Like the rest of a person’s body, the brain can sustain damage which impairs mental sharpness. That damage can come from what the person eats or drinks, medications they take, medical conditions, and emotional triggers.

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