Senior Flu Shots

The senior flu shot is considered safe, but it may cause mild side effects related to inflammation and the body’s immune response. During the week after getting the flu vaccine, seniors may experience the following symptoms:

— Soreness, tenderness, redness, or swelling at the injection site
— Headache or muscle aches
— Fever
— Nausea
— Fatigue

According to the CDC, you should check with your doctor before getting your elderly parent a flu shot. Especially, if they have one of the following conditions or reactions:

— An allergy to any of the vaccine ingredients
— A serious auto-immune disorder, e.g., Guillain-Barre syndrome
— A fever
— An allergic reaction to the flu shot in the past

Several locations offer senior flu shots, including doctor’s offices, local health departments, and pharmacies. My experience was easy and quick with local pharmacy.

Can seniors get a COVID-19 vaccine booster, and flu shot?

COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots may cause side effects similar to senior flu shots. However, we all react differently. I have little to no reaction to flu shots. But with covid booster, I had aches and fatigue for 24 hours. Officially, it is still unknown whether co-administration of the vaccine and flu leads to a stronger reaction, sensitivity, or side effects.

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