Conditions of Chronic Pain, part 5

Continuing our blog series on “Pain”. Submitted by guest author, Kevin Samuels, Outreach Coordinator, Flowers Health:

Several conditions can cause chronic pain. The top three causes listed below. But as you can see, there are additional conditions effecting the elderly.

— Fibromyalgia: People with fibromyalgia have unexplained pain in almost every part of their bodies. No one knows what causes fibromyalgia. Nonetheless, scientists think an imbalance of certain brain chemicals may play a critical role. Fibromyalgia can cause tender spots, muscle pain, headaches, long-lasting back pain, or neck pain.

— Rheumatoid arthritis: (RA) causes persistent aching that affects more than one joint. Hands, wrists, and knees are the most commonly affected joints. People with RA have other symptoms, such as joint stiffness, swelling, and fever. Like osteoarthritis, RA has no cure.

— Osteoarthritis: (OA) causes severe intermittent or persistent aching in the knees, hips, spine, and feet. Other symptoms include joint stiffness, swelling, and limited joint mobility. There is no cure for OA. Thus, people with OA might have some level of pain throughout their lives. According to the CDC, 25% of adults with arthritis (15 million adults) have severe pain in their joints.

— Multiple Sclerosis: (MS) is a disease of the brain and the spinal cord. In people with MS, the immune system damages the protective covering of the nerves. As a result, the brain cannot effectively communicate with the body. MS causes pain in the legs, feet, arms, and hands. People with MS report experiencing burning, prickling, or stabbing pain almost every day.

— Sciatica: causes mild to sharp burning pain that travels from the lower back to the buttocks. Unlike acute sciatica, chronic sciatica persists for three months or longer. The condition is more common in adults aged 40 or older.

— Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: (CTS) causes pain and numbness in the thumb and in the index, middle, or ring fingers. The common causes include repetitive movements of the hand, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and an underactive thyroid gland. Some women may have CTS during pregnancy.

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