Proper Testing for Chronic Pain #12

Final installment on our “Pain” blog series. Thanks to guest author, Kevin Samuels, Outreach Coordinator, Flowers Health:

Chronic pain is a complicated disorder. There is no specific tool for diagnosis. Likewise, available treatments often fail to produce favorable results.

Untreated or undertreated chronic pain is one of the leading causes of limited mobility. Other consequences may include sleep disorders, problems with focus, and depression.

Some experts note that diagnostic tests like MRI are often overused. They fear that such tests may expose people to unnecessary radiation and increase medical expenses.

Proper testing is critical in determining the success of pain treatment. Moreover, choosing the right diagnostic strategy is key to:

— Designing the most effective treatment plan
— Improving the quality of life
— Preventing potentially life-threatening complications
— Reducing the cost of diagnosis and treatment

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