Medicare Home Coverage: Prescription Required

Any senior classified as homebound — due to a medical condition or limited mobility — whose physician has prescribed home health services is generally eligible to receive in-home health care.

However, additional requirements to qualify for home health care services will largely depend on your elderly parent’s insurance provider. Because all insurance policies and plans are different, coverage will vary from person to person.

For Medicare to cover the cost of home health services, a senior must meet the following requirements:

— Be under the current care of a physician who has recommended home health services like skilled nursing or therapy
— Have a doctor confirm they’re homebound due to a serious medical condition or a specific situation that makes leaving the house extremely difficult
— Be enrolled in Medicare Part A and/or Part B
— Receive home health services from a Medicare-certified provider

While Medicare will cover intermittent care for less than eight hours a day or fewer than 28 hours a week, continuous or round-the-clock care is not covered by standard home health benefits. Plan to contact your elderly parent‘s Medicare representative to find out how to get home health care coverage and explore Medicare-approved agencies.

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