Senior Hydration, Nutrition, part 5

What to choose when you are looking for a healthy snack or meal? Hey, we all cut corners at times. Sometimes the healthy choice just isn’t as easily prepped as a quick sugar snack. But appetite control can be very well satisfied with a bit of self-control.

Many foods have high water content and can help keep seniors hydrated. Really, any fruit or vegetable with more than 80% water content is a great choice. Visiting a local farmers market will provide fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies.

Here is a list of some high water-content foods that offer the best hydration:

— Iceberg and romaine lettuce
— Cucumbers
— Watermelon
— Strawberries
— Radishes
— Zucchini and summer squash
— Asparagus
— Tomatoes
— Celery
— Bell peppers
— Cabbage
— Cauliflower
— Mushrooms
— Spinach
— Soups, broths and stews (please review the sodium content)

If you are caring for your elderly parents, pay attention to the causes and symptoms of elderly dehydration. Be mindful of the following:

— Check in on them often.
— Remind them about their liquid intake — what they are consuming?
— What kind of foods are being consumed?
— If they garden, remind them not to spend too much time in mid-day heat.
— Some medications will contribute to dehydration — check their prescriptions.

Home Care Partners provides private-duty home care staff to help ensure the safety of your elderly parents. We help them stay at home, with a bit of extra daily assistance. Our care staff will provide socialization/homemaking and personal care services.

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