Elderly Signals on Memory Loss?

According to research, as many as 10-20% of older adults above the age of 65 suffer from mild cognitive impairment. Another five million have Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive and deteriorating dementia.

The process of aging will effect us all. Even healthy seniors may experience the natural cognitive decline that occurs with age. Mental acuity, and cognitive functioning can be slowed in observable behaviors including…information processing, reasoning ability, and decision-making skills.

Family members, most certainly, need to be alert for signs that elderly parents are no longer making wise decisions. Also, caregivers, neighbors, friends, and even the family physician should all be on the alert for signs that seniors are no longer at their cognitive best when it comes to finances.

See some observational characteristics below – which might provide tangible warning signals.

* Calculating the tip at a restaurant
* Difficulty with common financial skills such as balancing checkbooks, or calculating change
* Poor, or erroneous organization of financial documents
* Forgetting to pay rent or monthly bills, such as fuel, electric, phone or cable bills
* Has there been a recent service disconnection due to lack of payment?
* Duplicate purchases, large or small
* Concern about “missing funds” in bank accounts
* Erratic or unusual purchasing behavior or money withdrawals
* Accusations of someone else stealing or mismanaging money
* Falling prey to a marketing scam, fraud, or unscrupulous merchant behavior
* Endless number of phone solicitations or donation requests from presumed charities
* Has the local bank called about problems with accounts?

JD Miller

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