VA Aid & Attendance Monetary Benefits

How much is the financial benefit for veterans qualified to receive the VA Aid and Attendance pension?

The current maximum monthly VA Aid and Attendance amounts set in 2019 are:

– Single veteran: $1,911
– Veteran & Spouse: $2,266
– Two married veterans: $3,032
– Surviving spouse: $1,176

These maximum amounts may change annually due to federally mandated cost-of-living adjustments mirrored by Social Security and other federal benefit programs. Therefore, these figures may change within the next 30 days.

** This cannot be stressed enough, the figures noted above are maximum benefit levels. These figures do not account for household income, and specifically qualified expenses which may greatly effect VA calculations. Each individual case will have it’s own unique calculations to determine eligibility.

The amount of money a veteran or surviving spouse receives from the VA Aid and Attendance program depends on a figure called “Income for VA purposes” (IAVP). IAVP is the income of the applicant and their spouse, minus the unreimbursed cost of health care (provided those expenses exceed 5% of the applicant income.)

Example scenario:

– Combined income of veteran and his spouse: $3,000 a month

– Cost of in-home care (generally, a qualified expense) for veteran: $2,000 a month.

– Income for VA purposes (IAVP): $3000 – $2000 = $1000.

– Amount the VA pays for Aid & Attendance benefit (per Veteran & Spouse category above): $2,266 (maximum benefit) – $1,000/month (net income) = $1,266 (VA benefit)

Do VA disability benefits and Medicaid affect VA Aid and Attendance? In a word, “yes”. Many benefits are available to both veterans and older adults. But recipients cannot collect maximum amounts from each program simultaneously. The VA would consider this “double dipping”. If a veteran gets disability compensation or housebound benefits, or qualifies for Medicaid, this may greatly reduce or negate their Aid and Attendance benefit.

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