Aid and Attendance and VA Disability Compensation

For eligible veterans who have been disabled while in service, there are levels of monthly financial compensation potentially available. See VA Disability Compensation.

Similarly, the Aid & Attendance pension may also provide some additional financial assistance to those deemed eligible. And, one significant difference is that surviving spouses may also be eligible for some financial help. But please remember, disability compensation and pension benefit programs are mutually exclusive. It is highly unlikely to collect from both sources. One benefit program will offset the other.

Veterans may receive disability compensation for their service-time injuries. But these tax-free wages will be reduced if there is an accepted determination of VA Aid and Attendance pension eligibility. In short, a calculation of a veteran or surviving spouse’s Aid and Attendance benefit will subtract or reduce any monthly disability pay.

This same explanation applies to Aid and Attendance pension combined with Medicaid benefits. An eligible veteran cannot collect both simultaneously. The government says choose one, or the other. If a veteran or surviving spouse qualifies for Medicaid to pay for nursing home care, this would limit their Aid and Attendance amount to $90 per month.

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