Elderly Parents are Fall Risks

Why do our elderly parents fall? Is is simply old age?

Actually, there are many reasons and explanations. Seniors can trip over obstacles which may be deemed minor. Examples include a small rug, or door thresholds. Some elderly may experience dizziness, and possibly vertigo. Vision issues, including room lighting can result in tripping. And finally, unsteady balance and ambulatory problems can cause a tumble.

Not unexpectedly, home is the location where most falls, and injuries, occur. Ironic, isn’t it? The place where seniors feel most comfortable, and safe, is where their accidents take place. According to research, over one-third of adults aged 65 or older fall each year. And many, up to 30 percent, will suffer moderate to severe injuries like broken elbows, hip fractures, or head trauma. Not to mention bruises or lacerations. Most fractures in older adults are caused by falls, and the majority of those falls occur in the home.

We strongly encourage elderly to discuss safety measures with their doctors. Have you noticed more unsteadiness, more frequent stumbling? Is dizziness causing a loss of balance? Your physician may provide some safety precautions. For example, maintain appropriate lighting in rooms. Install grab bars. Or, pick-up small rugs and remove from walkways.

Once a fall occurs, many elderly develop a fear of falling again. This fear prevents them from participating in activities where there is a risk of falling, which prevents them from doing things that are active, healthy forms of exercise. This only compounds the waning strength and balance issues being experienced by seniors.

JD Miller

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